Truth Goes Beyond Us

The Bible is not a book for the faint of heart — it is a book full of all the greed and glory and violence and tenderness and sex and betrayal that benefits mankind. It is not the collection of pretty little anecdotes mouthed by pious little church mice — it does not so much nibble at our shoe leather as it cuts to the heart and splits the marrow from the bone. It does not give us answers fitted to our small-minded questions, but truth that goes beyond what we even know to ask.

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing this to let you know…. I forgive you.

I choose to let the past go. Though I know I’ve said this before, countless times I’m going
to try harder……actually with Gods help I won’t try, I’ll do it this time.
I forgive you for the pain, for the trauma, for the shattered dreams, and wasted years.

I forgive you for causing me to have a twisted view of

I’m learning what true love is now.
You disappointed me.
I forgive you.
I forgive you for the lies that
I forgive you for abusing me.
You hurt me.
For the emotional abuse, I forgive you.
You made me feel ugly.
The wounds run deep, and I may never understand WHY!
That’s okay, you know, not finding the answers.
You took what wasn’t offered. Shattered beauty.

I forgive you for not being perfect.
There I said it. Look, I get that no one is perfect, it’s impossible I know, I’m just trying to tell my heart the news.
I’m releasing the anger…..
I’m letting go of the pain that
You made me cry
A lot..
But I forgive you. There is release in letting go.

I’m choosing this path so that I can finally start to LIVE!!!


There is no way I can do any of this without God saturating my heart with His love.
I. Forgive. You.

I’m not afraid anymore.

I know He is strong enough, He is gentle enough to carry stories.
I’m writing this for you.
I’m writing this for my healing.
I’m writing this letter for others like me.
Keep writing, keep telling your story.
You matter, people need to hear what you have to say……

– ❤